Hiroshi Ono, the Legendary Father of Pac-Man, Galaga and Other Arcade Games, Dies at the Age of 64

Hiroshi Ono, better known as Mr Dotman, has died after a long illness. His name will forever be associated with pixel art.


It’s a sad day for the video game industry. Hiroshi Ono, the artist responsible for Pac-Man and other classic Bandai Namco games, has died at the age of 64 after a long illness. This was posted on the official Twitter account of the artist, which reported Ono’s death on 16 October.

Hiroshi Ono, better known by his nickname Mr Dotman, was a significant figure in the industry, significantly impacting the world of arcade games. In this sense, he was committed to creating the pixel art of old titles, making a name for himself in the industry with his designs for Pac-Man and arcade machines. However, the artist has also contributed to other logos and even the legendary Galaga sprites.

Ono joined Namco in 1979 and remained with the company until 2013. He had the opportunity to design graphics for titles such as Mappy, Xevious and those mentioned above, Pac-Man and Galaga. His influence in the industry is undeniable, and several industry figures have paid tribute to the artist via social media, as did the producer of Tekken with the message “We pray for your soul”. “Thank you very much, Mr Hiroshi Ono”, wrote the Streets of Rage composer.



“My 15-year-old daughter found this and recently said with a smile, “I love the red cat, how cute!”. I was surprised because pixel art not only inspired my generation strongly but also stuck with me. I know they will miss you too…” the Streets of Rage composer explained on Twitter.

He’s undoubtedly a legendary figure who will forever be remembered for his classic art in Pac-Man, Galaga and the other games he’s been a part of. Farewell to one of the most influential practitioners of pixel art and, ultimately, the video game industry. Rest in peace, Hiroshi Ono!

Source: Twitter

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