Overwatch: McCree is Now Called Cole Cassidy

The Overwatch character’s name has been the cause of numerous accusations and the dismissal of the director to whom the character referred. A whole new story has been created for him.


After a series of conflicts surrounding Activision Blizzard, which began with accusations of violence against women, the company has promised to change the name of one of the characters in the video game Overwatch, McCree, after the director to whom his name referred, Jesse McCree, was fired following accusations of harassment. This brings us today to Cole Cassidy, who will be joining Blizzard’s game on 26 October.

The company revealed the new name of the famous character via social media. The name isn’t the only one to arrive, as the cowboy is undergoing a complete reintroduction in the game. Although the video is short and only shows a single image, it has a brand new synopsis dedicated to Cole and the game itself.



“The first thing a renegade loses is his name, and this renegade gave it up a long time ago,” reads Cole Cassidy’s description. “Running away from his past meant running away from himself, and to make a better Overwatch, he had to be honest with the team and himself.”

With a description like that, it almost sounds like a whole new character. However, with no further details from the studio, we don’t know if Cole Cassidy will retain any of the abilities we already know about the character.

Since the departure of Jeff Kaplan and several layoffs and resignations within Blizzard, Overwatch has entered a new phase. Overwatch 2, meanwhile, is scheduled for release before Summer 2022, according to the latest information from the studio.

Source: Twitter

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