No Steam Deck For Christmas: The Valve Handheld Console Delayed To 2022

The supply crisis has left Valve’s factories without raw materials, delaying the production of Steam Deck.



Valve’s new handheld console, the Steam Deck, promised to be one of this year’s big hardware launches: a portable console that puts the power and library of a PC in the palm of your hand. But for those of you hoping to spend Christmas with your new handheld console, you’re sadly disappointed.

Valve has confirmed that extensive supply chain problems due to material shortages delay the entire production process and has admitted that its factories are not receiving parts in time to meet the initially planned release dates.

Their latest estimates put the Steam Deck release in 2022, with deliveries starting in February, in line with the initial pre-order order. Therefore, they have confirmed that pre-order slots will remain unchanged, although all dates will be pushed back due to unforeseen issues.

As with many other tech devices, the delay is due to the unprecedented hardware supply crisis that will, unfortunately, affect the industry in 2022, as Valve has confirmed.

Source: Steam

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