Streamlabs Accused Of Unethical Business Practices And Plagiarism

TECH NEWS – Streamlabs has allegedly stolen from different websites



Numerous companies and broadcasters have denounced streaming and recording service Streamlabs for plagiarism following its announcement of Xbox-exclusive Streamlabs Studios, a new service specifically designed for console users. Lightstream, a separate service that also offers a way for console users to customise their overlays when streaming, tweeted a comparison shot of its website compared to Streamlabs Studio. Both sites appear to have incredibly similar designs.

Streamlabs responded to Lightstream’s accusation, claiming that it “made a mistake” and that the company had used text from Lightstream’s site as “placeholder text that went into production by mistake“. However, not everyone was convinced, and some users questioned why Streamlabs made minor adjustments, such as changing the names on user reviews if it was never intended to be published.

The live streaming service OBS Studio intervening over the choice of the service’s name. “Near the launch of SLOBS, Streamlabs approached us about using the name OBS,” the company tweeted. “We politely asked them not to. They did it anyway and then filed a trademark. We have been trying to resolve this privately, and they have been uncooperative throughout.” It has prompted streamers such as Pokimane to demand a response from Streamlabs, threatening to withdraw their support for the service, including its use for advertising.

Former Streamlabs employees have also come forward, claiming the company’s labour practices were unethical in a lengthy Twitter thread. Some argue that staff were fired for speaking out against the practices, including a situation where one was allegedly fired immediately after Twitch Con “for ‘being stubborn’ about making it wheelchair accessible”. Another former employee claimed that a situation where users were unknowingly being charged for the Streamlabs + premium service was intentionally not resolved “because of how much I was earning“.

Streamlabs has created a form statement on Twitter, pledging to change the name of its product. “We are taking immediate steps to remove OBS from our name,” the comment reads. “Streamlabs OBS is built on the open-source OBS platform. Streamlabs OBS is also open source, and our code is publicly available. We take responsibility for our actions and will support the community.”

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