Miss The Platinum Trophy On Xbox? The Company Wants Its Own Version For The Console [VIDEO]

The company wants to reward dedicated players in a similar way to the PlayStation Platinum Trophy.



There are few feelings as satisfying as completing a game 100% and earning a Platinum Trophy on PlayStation machines. However, on Xbox consoles, the latter is not the case, as the company rewards game completion differently. Fortunately, this may change in the future. Following an Xbox Series update focused on accessibility and stability, the company has expressed its intention to create its version of this trophy.

Jason Ronald, Xbox’s Director of Project Management, was interviewed on the Iron Lords podcast, where he also announced that Xbox is exploring alternatives to FPS Boost. In doing so, he said that they are listening to the community, and that’s why they are looking at ways to include a trophy to celebrate 100% player achievement:

“The results are interesting because everyone plays a game differently.”

“So we stopped to think about how we can reward people for playing the way they want to play and playing the games they want to play.”

Ronald continues, “There are some players who just prefer the multiplayer mode, so what do we do to reward them, show progression and things like that?” To which he adds that some players aim to complete 100% of the game, “Then there are people like me; I’m a completionist, and I want to finish everything in a game”.

So after considering all these issues, Xbox is thinking of going for the Platinum Trophy equivalent in the future: “We don’t have anything to announce today, but it’s definitely high on our priority list as we move forward on the road ahead”. After all, some gamers have amassed so many trophies that they’ve managed to break world records, so this attitude – and the potential rewards that come with it – has become an integral part of the games industry.

Xbox is not the only company interested in such achievements, as Epic Games has also expressed its intention to incorporate this type of reward mechanism into its games and has already done so in some cases.

Source: Iron Lords Podcast (YouTube)

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