Devil May Cry 5’s Designer Shows How Easy It Is To Play The Game On Steam Deck [VIDEO]

Valve’s long-awaited handheld console, Steam Deck, will arrive from February 2022, provided the supply crisis in the games industry is overcome by then.



Valve shook up the industry when it unveiled Steam Deck, with which it set out to achieve a goal no less ambitious than putting our Steam library in the palm of our hands. The company is expecting big sales from the console, and they’re looking to raise expectations by showcasing well-known games running on Valve hardware.

Several game developers have already praised the machine; this time, the team behind the brilliant Devil May Cry 5 showed off the handheld console’s potential. In the video shared by Capcom, you can see moments from the game running on the Steam Deck as different characters battle it out by combining combos.

What’s more, none other than the game’s lead designer is holding the controls, giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to play a game on Valve hardware that requires such quick reflexes and professional controls. We see many different attacks that test the controller’s abilities in the video, but they’re executed brilliantly on the console.

Devil May Cry 5 is one of the best hack and slash games in recent times, but unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to try it out on our Steam Deck. Valve confirmed that a supply crisis had affected the production process earlier this month, forcing them to delay the release until February 2022.

Source: YouTube

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