PlayStation Plus Users In The West Will Get Part Of Godfall This Month, With Japan And Asia Getting More

As Japanese users get other games on PlayStation Plus western fans get angry



Users in many countries did not receive the December 2021 PlayStation Plus lineup well because the PlayStation 5 offering is a simplified version of Godfall, which does not come with a campaign. Godfall: Challenger Edition is the title’s end-game content, which requires PS Plus users to shell out some cash if they want the whole experience.

While people were calling Sony out for a mediocre lineup, PlayStation Japan and Asia announced that PS Plus users in the region will receive Judgement as a bonus game. You can read our review of the game here.

In the case of Japan, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download a total of 4 titles at no additional cost: Godfall: Challenger Edition, LEGO DC Super Villians, The Sexy Brutale and Judgment. As we can see, Japanese users will miss out on Mortal Shell but will instead receive the Yakuza spin-off and the indie game from Tequila Works.

On the other hand, subscription service members in other regions of Asia will receive Godfall: Challenger Edition, LEGO DC Super Villians and Mortal Shell. However, they will also be able to download Judgment as an additional bonus.

Godfall: Challenger Edition includes the following content:

Lightbringer, a battle against an all-consuming darkness that threatens to extinguish all light in the realms of Aperion. Players who persevere through selected doom will receive ever-increasing rewards and face increasingly challenging hordes until the blighted Heart of Darkness is banished in an epic final battle.

Dreamstones, participate in random encounters by reliving Orin’s memories and earn unique rewards each time you play. Curses granted in the aptly named Cursed Loot level can be removed by completing challenges in Dreamstones.

Ascended Tower of Trials, put your skills to the test in an increasingly challenging climb to the top of the tower to earn blessings and take on fierce bosses in the quest for juicy loot.

Upgrading to the Deluxe Edition will provide you with Godfall and Fire & Darkness campaigns.

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