A User Accidentally Subscribes To PS Plus Until 2031

Zeus had previously complained that someone had blocked his card: it had been himself, and now he’s subscribed to PS Plus until 2031.

A Twitter user calling himself Zeus has recognized himself as the dumbest or most unlucky person in the world: He accidentally bought the PlayStation Plus subscription until 2031, spending over $ 1,000 in the process. The user, with ZeusOfAimAssist account is already crossing his fingers for the Sony service to be transferred to PlayStation 7 or any console that will be released in the next 11 years.



The story begins when he was going to renew, as he has done on other occasions, his PlayStation Plus subscription, but he started doing other things. Instead of extending it for a year, Zeus accidentally spent more money in the PlayStation Store than he expected and will now be linked to the Japanese console until 2031: “I am officially the dumbest or most unlucky person in the world,” he wrote on his Twitter account: “I was playing PC all today and in the background my controller was still connected to my PS4 and spam buying psn membership. I wasn’t hacked and I have psn membership to 2031.”



If he had been hacked, Zeus would be much calmer, but the reality is that he was not. A few moments before lamenting on the social network, the user had written another quite exalted and furious tweet claiming that his bank had blocked his credit card after someone had logged into his account and spent that immense amount of money. In reality, it was himself.

„Who logged into my PSN account and spent $ 1,000? I need to know what the hell you have spent it on .” His anger was only increasing: “You have tried to block my card and you will definitely be tracked by the bank.”


Although Zeus is trying to get his money back, the results are futile so far, if anything has become clear, it is that this unfortunate player will not move to Xbox Series X when the new generation arrives, even if it costs $ 100 less.

Source: 3DJuegos

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