Has The Release Date For Abandoned: Prologue Been Leaked?

Blue Box Game Studios’ much-hyped Abandoned: Prologue game teaser could be coming soon to PlayStation 5, though we still have no idea whether it’s a big media hack or a small studio’s over-the-top effort…


Well, it wasn’t the Hasan Kahraman-led studio itself that spoke out on the matter (they haven’t had any Twitter activity since their announcement on October 17). Still, it would be helpful to throw up a single image to get the game’s marketing going. But then it would have to be done without referring to Silent Hill (remember, they had a tweet earlier, since deleted, that started with Abandoned = starts with S, ends with L), which the supposedly Dutch studio(s?) regretted.

So far, we’ve heard something about the Abandoned (which should be in quotes, because the developers themselves say that the name is only temporary) Prologue that will be released on PlayStation 5 sometime in the first quarter of 2022, so the Abandoned Realtime Experience app would make some sense outside of the ten-second or so video the studio shared on Twitter beforehand, making the app about 100% redundant as an incomprehensible marketing move.

However, an image from the studio’s website has surfaced on Twitter. The team wrote that the Abandoned Prologue is coming “soon” to PlayStation 5. However, on JVL, we saw that the French site had taken a look at the website‘s script, which included a countdown to… February 1. We looked into it ourselves (and, just to be sure, also in Firefox Nightly 97, so in a browser that can’t be called finalized yet and is not Chromium-based), and sure enough, there is the “var countDownDate = new Date(“February 1, 2022 00:00:0″).getTime();” string.

It’s not official, of course, but the Dutch can’t deny it since it’s on the website itself. Sure, you can say it’s a temporary, placeholder date, but what else can you do? That’s something if the Kahraman team stays silent.

Source: JVL

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