Telltale Says There Will Be News Soon About The Wolf Among Us 2

Telltale asked for patience from fans waiting for Bigby Wolf’s new adventure



Telltale Games was at The Game Awards 2021, but not as expected. With the studio’s presence confirmed, many thought a trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2 was imminent; however, it was one of the absentees at the event.

Instead, the developer and Deck Nine revealed a game of The Expanse, based on the popular Amazon series. Because of this, many are wondering if The Wolf Among Us 2 is still in development and if we will see it soon.

The studio decided to talk about its long-awaited project and, while it didn’t reveal any new information, it did give some good news to fans waiting for the return of Bigby Wolf and company. In December last year, Telltale Games confirmed that The Wolf Among Us 2 was still in development but was not yet ready for the reveal. After 12 months, the situation has not changed, as the title was not at The Game Awards 2021.

Shortly after the awards, the company released a statement to reassure gamers of the game’s absence. It mentions that they are still working hard on the project and that fans have been very patient and supportive after everything that happened with the studio.

Fortunately, it was confirmed that more details on the sequel would be coming soon. Maybe as part of the upcoming issue of Game Informer magazine, which is due in a few weeks. There will be an article about their upcoming games, the new development engine and the changes they have made internally.

At the moment, there is no date for the reveal, and there is no word on whether Game Informer will share a preview of the game. The good news is that the sequel is still on track and that the studio promised there will be more surprises in 2022.

This is our continued promise to you, our fans: we may not be able to share everything yet, but we’ll share what we can, when we can. Right now, we’re focusing on getting this right,” the studio confirmed.

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