Remedy Says Alan Wake 2 Will Be Its Most Beautiful Game Ever

Remedy Entertainment‘s Sam Lake states that Alan Wake 2 will be its most beautiful game yet



In an interview with IGN, Sam Lake stated that Alan Wake 2 will be by far the most compelling and beautiful Remedy game of all time. It will run on Northlight, the same proprietary game engine that ran Control and Quantum Break. However, Northlight wasn’t used solely because of how beautiful the games looked when running on the engine.

Although Epic Games is publishing Alan Wake 2, Remedy will not be using Epic’s much-publicised Unreal Engine 5. As Lake explains, Remedy opted to stick with Northlight in favour of Unreal Engine 5 due to its familiarity with the engine and believe it will better fit the developer’s vision for Alan Wake 2.

We feel that, especially for this kind of experience, where atmosphere and stylisation are more important than ever, we know Northlight so well that we can focus on certain things and push certain things forward.” – said by Sam Lake

Alan Wake 2 will apparently partially, if not completely, abandon the action aspect of the original game, so the title will have to rely heavily on visuals and atmosphere.

Since Remedy is comfortable with Northlight, it will have the opportunity to go further with the game engine than before. Games like Control and Quantum Break were great looking games but were more visually interesting because of how Remedy used the environments. Both titles relied heavily on Northlight’s ability to create diverse and interesting environments that users could destroy while also providing environments that morphed and changed seamlessly.

Alan Wake 2 is scheduled for release in 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox X/S Series.

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