Peter Molyneux’s New Game: Fable Creator Bets On NFT, But Not Without Controversy

Legendary developer Peter Molyneux is working on a business simulator with its own cryptocurrency as the basis of the game’s economy.



Peter Molyneux is one of the industry’s greatest creators, the creator of the Fable saga and the classic Populous, which served as a forerunner to the so-called “God Games”, a genre he surprised us with the acclaimed Black & White. But Molyneux is known for his undoubted success in the industry and his ambitious promises that never materialised.

The situation became so dramatic that the Theme Park father decided to stop sharing his ideas for the video games he was working on because of threats. Marc Rollan reported all this in his El Funs article dedicated to the controversial British creative genius. Peter Molyneux has been working for a few years on a new game, Legacy, which has undergone an unexpected change of direction.

“Legacy is a creative entrepreneur’s dream come true…”

“…an opportunity for players to build their very own business, designing their very own products from a huge array of possibilities as they create a business empire the likes of which the world has never seen.” – It is how Gala Games’ official website describes Molyneux’s new game.

Molyneux’s studio 22cans has partnered with Gala Games to bring his new business management title to the realms of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. To this end, Legacy will have its own cryptocurrency, the Ethereum-based LegacyCoin, which will underpin the game’s economy.

“As a business association owner, you will have access to Legacy Keys. These items can be lent to other people who want to start an in-game business in Legacy, making them your in-game Business Partners. As part of your association, they will share a portion of their earned LegacyCoin with you.”

Coming in 2022, the game is about building a successful business and expanding an empire by creating products and producing more efficiently, transforming a small town into a large industrial city. The game will allow you to become the owner of a “Land NFT”, where you can build your business partnership by earning real money through the blockchain.

Source: Gala Games

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