Horizon Forbidden West Introduces Its New Machine: A Powerful, Giant Robotic Serpent

The latest trailer for Horizon Forbidden West already showed off Aloy’s new enemy



Among the list of games to look forward to in 2022, PlayStation exclusives are gaining some prominence after a 2021 in which Sony console owners have ended up missing them in recent months. One of the most prominent of these is undoubtedly Horizon Forbidden West, which is set to arrive early this year with new details of its approach.

Guerrilla’s title has been featured in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, and, thanks to information from the magazine, this week, we’ve learned about a new enemy for Aloy. It’s Slitherfang, a robotic snake that really packs a punch, as well as being a challenge for players who get their hands on the controls in just over a couple of months.

As detailed in the magazine, the creature can shoot jets of acid generated by the tank in its throat, which will be a prime target if it is to pose no threat at long range. But it has many more assets, such as the lightning bolts it fires from its tail, producing a powerful electric current.

Before such attacks, the machine will warn us by waving its tail like a rattlesnake. The most curious thing of all is that, if we manage to attack that part of its structure correctly, we can make the rattlesnake detach and use it as a weapon against Slitherfang itself, although it may not be a definitive turn of events, as it can take a fair amount of damage.

The neck can also launch various sonic pulses that deafen Aloy and slow her movements, leaving her vulnerable to other physical attacks, such as bites. Similarly, Slitherfang can use her body to climb to higher ground, safer for her, and better view of performing attacks.

In the absence of facing the challenge on our own, it’s time to wait for Horizon Forbidden West, which is set for release on 18 February 2022, having already received its age rating.

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