Will Marvel’s Avengers Also Include She-Hulk?

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are still not giving up on expanding Marvel’s Avengers, which hasn’t had much success with its live service model.


On Twitter, an individual going by the name Miller has reliably leaked about Marvel’s Avengers before. Now, he’s revealed that Krizia Bajos, a veteran voice actress, will play the character of Jennifer Walters in the game. Bajos then retweeted the tweet, so it’s no wonder the press jumped on it, and MP1st contacted Miller, who revealed additional information: the last character in Marvel’s Avengers will not be She-Hulk, but it’s not yet known whether she will be the next addition to the cast.

According to Miller, “The content release schedule shakeup that pushed her into 2022 brought with it some surprises from outside of the established rumours. Expect the unexpected!” Of course, how big of a surprise can it be if the game itself has not been exceptionally well received? It wasn’t helped by the arrival of the PlayStation-exclusive character Spider-Man, who was announced before the game hit the shops, but then had to wait over a year for his arrival. (Perhaps they announced Spidey a little too soon then. It backfired. There is no doubt about that by now.)

And then, there were the microtransactions that would affect gameplay. In their pre-launch marketing, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics repeatedly said that there would be no such thing, only cosmetic microtransactions. Their addition caused quite a scandal, and it took about a month for these solutions, which could be called paid cheats, to be removed from the game. Seeing these, we don’t think that Hello Games and No Man’s Sky can follow the example of Marvel’s Avengers, where Sean Murray managed to restore the reputation. Here? We don’t see much chance.

Source: PSL

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