A Fan Uses Unreal Engine 5 To Recreate Regina From Dino Crisis Saga [VIDEO]

The 3D artist had fun recreating the character and an emblematic setting of Dino Crisis under Unreal Engine 5



We’ve had a busy year for the gaming industry, and now that we’ve finally entered 2022, we’re just waiting to see what else is in the pipeline for the new generation of consoles that have only just begun to take its first steps.

We have also seen some exciting projects being carried out by fans, whose imagination and talent is reflected in what they show us of their work, sometimes being more impressive than what is officially presented to us.

A remake of the Dino Crisis series has been something that Capcom has been asked for quite some time, a request that has increased in recent years due to the success of these reimaginings in the Resident Evil franchise, so it’s only natural that dinosaur fans want to see these games come back.

While we wait for the Japanese to decide to listen to the fans, we have some user-created works like the one we bring you today, published in a hidden video on YouTube, a remake of Regina, the protagonist of the first two games. Unreal Engine 5 has been used for this, which gives an impressive result that could perfectly pass as official work.

Source: generacionxbox

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