PUBG Developer Sues Free Fire And The App Stores That Hosted It

This is the second time that PUBG developer, Krafton has taken legal action against Garena Online for alleged intellectual property infringement



In the video game industry, it often happens that when a particular game is very successful, there are blatant copies of it. It has happened a lot with Nintendo titles like Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart that have clones. However, as the title that gave way to the popular battle royale genre, PUBG is, was and will be a source of inspiration for many others.

But when inspiration turns to plagiarism or copying is another matter, and that’s the view of PUBG Mobile developer Krafton, which has filed a lawsuit against Garena Online for infringing copyright protection. In addition to Garena Online, Google and Apple are also involved in the lawsuit for supporting Free Fire, the game of contention, in their respective shops.

Previously in 2017, Krafton sued Garena Online in Singapore for selling Free Fire: Battlegrounds, a game that is quite similar to PUBG Mobile. But while they settled then, Krafton is now suing Garena again over Free Fire, but this time in the United States.

Krafton’s pleading argues that after the settlement in 2017, Garena immediately resumed selling Free Fire on both Google Play and the Apple App Store without having any kind of licensing agreement to use the game’s content. Subsequently, Garena began selling another Battle Royale called Free Fire Max last September. “Garena has made hundreds of millions of dollars from its global sales of the infringing apps,” the PUBG Mobile developer said, also holding Google and Apple responsible.

As mentioned above, there are many cases of clone games infringing on intellectual property. A recent case was with Wordle and Apple, in which the latter resolved to remove all copies from its digital shop.

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