Valve: Steam Deck Will Be Sent Customers On Time

Gabe Newell has already delayed their portable Steam Deck once (and we’ve written about what the real reason behind the delay might be), but it won’t happen a second time.


Valve wrote in a post on Steam, “Happy New Year! The team is back from the holiday and firing on all cylinders – we’ve got a few updates for you today. First and foremost, we’re on track to ship Steam Deck on time. A global pandemic, supply issues, and shipping issues notwithstanding, it looks like we’ll be able to start getting these out the door by the end of February.”

Here’s something to point out: not everyone will get their Steam Deck at the end of February, the beginning of March, or whenever, depending on the quality of the postal service where you live. The company will mail it first to those among the first orders. You can look at the availability here, and it’s worth it, don’t bother Valve unnecessarily if you’ve put your money down for the machine in early December…

Deck Verified indicates when a game is working well on the Steam Deck. Portal 2 was the first one, which is understandable since it’s an in-house product being a Valve game… Valve added, “In parallel, work and testing for the Steam Deck Verified program has been underway. You’ll soon be able to see Deck Verified status for a growing set of Steam games. We’re checking four major categories: input, seamlessness, display, and system support. It’s also important that we give developers the ability to test their games to get that nice green Verified check, so we’ve been sending developer kits out in quantity. We’ve been approving another wave of dev kits, and hundreds have been shipped out in the last month (and we’re continuing to approve and send out even more).”

So the Steam Deck is on its way to the finish line

Source: WCCFTech

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