Will The Starfield Collector’s Edition Include A Smartwatch?!

TECH NEWS – A video of Bethesda’s promising RPG Starfield has already shown us a glimpse of this piece.



Starfield is set to be one of Bethesda Game Studios’ big hits in 2022, with a new role-playing adventure that takes us into a real-life space-travelling sci-fi setting – and the company’s first new universe in nearly 25 years. Naturally, this big event will focus many fans’ attention on products related to the new franchise, even going so far as to beat Microsoft itself to the punch with the idea of themed versions of Xbox Series X and its controller.

Bethesda is not usually one to disappoint when it comes to merchandise and big collector’s editions of their flagship games, so anticipation for the new release is also very high. One of the items that haven’t gone unnoticed by fans is a handsome wristwatch, which we caught a glimpse of in an attractive box dressed in the game’s theme in one of the behind-the-scenes videos from the summer.

An Android smartwatch with barometer and weather information

The watch shared by VGC would be a smartwatch called the LPV6 Chronomark, made by The Wand Company. This information comes from a manual discovered on a Starfield subreddit. From this, we can deduce that it is an Android device that can connect to phones via Bluetooth. Based on the look and codes on the watch, we think it is the same device like the one we saw in the June 2021 video.





The manual mentions some features such as a barometer, moon phase and weather information. We don’t yet know if this will be an add-on product for the game, which will be sold separately, or if it will be available as part of a complete collector’s edition of Starfield. The Wand Company has previously brought us licensed video game products, such as the realistic Poké Ball with special effects.

Source: VGC

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