Completing Sekiro Blindfolded?! Seems Impossible But He Managed It In Less Than Two Hours

Speedrunners raise money for the fight against cancer at the Awesome Games Done Quick charity event, playing, among else, Sekiro.



The case of Sekiro proves that speedrunning is one of the most complex parts of the video game hobby, requiring a lot of effort and sacrifice to know every second of gameplay. In some cases, entire communities are working to decipher the formulas that can be used to shave a few seconds off the time. But when it comes to FromSoftware and its challenging titles, it seems that everything just gets more complex.

Ability to defeat bosses by sound alone

Mitchriz is notorious for trying his “hardest ever” – it wasn’t enough for him to finish Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice quickly; he had to do the same with his eyes closed. He achieved this feat last year, but now he has shared his recipe for completing the challenge. As you might have guessed, Mitchriz uses sounds to get through Hidetaka Miyazaki’s tests.

This time, the speedrunner showed off his incredible skills in the Awesome Games Done Quick charity speedrun competition, where the most significant challenge this year, the fastest edition, is to raise the first two million dollars. As shared by VGC, a total of $3,416,730 was raised for Prevent The Cancer Foundation.

Mitchriz has memorized every step of the game

Mitchriz has been preparing for this moment for months, memorizing every single step in the game to finally be able to complete the entire course and defeat the challenging bosses using only his hearing and memory. The result was that in less than two hours, he managed to play through Sekiro blindfolded. Mitchriz has never been able to show this in such a large-scale event before and was delighted to be able to put into practice all the new strategies he had been preparing for.

Each new FromSoftware title is surrounded by a dedicated community of players who want to achieve extraordinary performance, from the popular no-hit, where you have to finish the game without a single hit, to speed runs and countless other creative ways to complete the game. We’re sure Elden Ring will be no exception, but we’ll have to wait until 25 February for that. And if you still haven’t played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you should give it a try – but don’t expect to be able to do it with your eyes closed on the first play!

Source: VGC

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