Nathan Drake Would Have Looked Very Different In Uncharted – Here’s An Early Concept [VIDEO]

The shared animations show a compilation of the movements and facial expressions of the discarded Nathan Drake version.



It’s been a long time since the first Uncharted was released, but Nathan Drake’s influence is still present today: just look at the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, released yesterday, or the film, which is due in cinemas in February. Today, an animator commemorated the treasure hunter by sharing some animations based on early visuals, when Nathan looked very different from the protagonist we know today.

As you can see in the video below, the Naughty Dog team set out to create a very different Nathan Drake.

While they kept some of the main features of the character, such as some of his wardrobe or the actions he performs, he really has changed a lot just by looking at his face and hairstyle.





The animation puts this unknown protagonist in different action situations, as we have seen in the adventures of Nathan Drake. It also shows sketches reflecting the genre of the title, as well as crucial scenes and scenarios from the tale. In this way, and in addition to introducing early Nathan, the video should be interesting content for anyone interested in the development of video games or the creative process of Uncharted.

What do you think of the old Nathan? Back to the present: as we said in our review, Uncharted: A Legacy of Thieves is a fantastic work, a true masterpiece. However, Naughty Dog may not have said goodbye to the franchise for good, as a studio veteran has hinted that more games could be on the way.

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