A Study Estimates How Much Money Would PlayStation Lose If Call Of Duty Were Xbox Exclusive

Microsoft has committed to honour its agreements, but Call Of Duty launches after 2023 are still up in the air



2022 kicked off with one of the biggest news stories in the industry’s history: Microsoft had bought Activision Blizzard, taking control of some of the most iconic and profitable franchises in video games. The astronomical acquisition was worth close to $70 billion and involved taking over the famous Call of Duty franchise.

The backlash from competitors was not long in coming, leading Sony to suffer a stock market crash after the acquisition. But there were still many issues to be resolved, and one of the main ones concerned the future of Call of Duty on PlayStation. The Wall Street Journal anticipated possible scenarios by publishing a study estimating how much Sony would lose if Microsoft decided to take Activision’s flagship franchise off PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation would lose between 10 and 30 billion yen or between $87 million and $260 million in royalties. For the time being, Phil Spencer has been committed to the series’ deals on Sony’s consoles and sending a friendly message about the importance of the Japanese company’s role in the industry.

However, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier recently shared new information, creating further uncertainty about the future of the war franchise following the termination of the Activision-PlayStation deals. These would include the next three games in the series, which would include two core titles and a Call of Duty: Warzone revision, arriving before 2024.

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