SIFU Shows Us How They Shape Their Soundtrack [VIDEO]

SloClap releases SIFU on 8 February on PC and PlayStation consoles



There’s just over a week to go until SIFU hits PC and PlayStation. This beat ’em up developed by SloClap is purely focused on action, using all kinds of martial arts combinations and interaction with the different elements of the environment. It will have a replayability component to unlock all the secrets it holds, but in its connection with the player through gameplay, its strengths lie.

An essential part of the experience is the sound, which the studio has emphasised with the release of a new video that you can see above. It talks about the sounds and music of SIFU, the latter elaborated by Chinese composer Howie Lee, who usually works with electronic music.

Lee has never worked on music for a videogame before, but SloClap noticed him after listening to his album Natural Disaster. The composer says it is very different to create music for a video game, as he has had to take into account many elements related to the interactivity of the user at the controls.

“We want the music to progress with the player,” said Lucas Rousselot, sound designer at the development studio. Rousselot explains that he has been in constant contact with the level design team to create a joint experience between sound and visuals, so you should notice how the music accompanies you through your actions and paths.

SIFU’s release date is set for 8 February, Tuesday next week. Its release has been brought forward compared to the initial forecasts, probably so as not to coincide with the big games that also arrive in the second half of February.

Source: tuplaystation

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