The Witcher Card Game, Gwent, Will Have Its Own Single-Player Game Coming In Late 2022.

The upcoming Witcher game is codenamed Project Golden Nekker



If you played The Witcher 3, you’re probably familiar with its popular card game: Gwent. This addition won over a good number of players, which is why CD Projekt RED has launched a standalone game that it has supported with both cross-platform expansion and user content. However, the developer believes that the card game can be expanded even further, which is why it is developing a new standalone game.

We have learned this information thanks to IGN, which has some details about the unexpected release. According to IGN, the new Gwent project is called Golden Nekker and will be “a captivating single-player experience”, so it will be a departure from the line presented in previous versions of the card game. In addition, users will be able to access this title without the need to purchase other Gwent games.

CD Projekt RED intends to showcase something completely new, as the game’s head of communications Pawel Burza tells IGN: “It’s not another Witcher Tales game, it’s something different,” he explains. “Our goal is to offer a captivating single-player mode for players who prefer it over Gwent’s competitive multiplayer.”

The new Gwent game will be released by the end of 2022, according to IGN. At the same time, the website has also accompanied all the information with some unpublished concept images showing some of the cards that we will see in this future title.

Of course, Gwent’s popularity has only grown after appearing in The Witcher’s third instalment, as it has built up a large and stable community that welcomes new games with open arms. In this sense, CD Projekt RED has been updating Gwent with more content and even various events, and now players once again have an excuse to check out the card game.

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