Troy Baker Is Not Working With The VoiceVerse NFTs After All!

The voice of Joel (The Last of Us) and Booker (BioShock Infinite) have decided not to join the NFTs after a lot of negative feedback.


We’ve heard more and more about NFTs lately. We’ve seen Square Enix’s boss openly backing them in the last month. SEGA expressing interest, Team17 showed up in the news today, Ubisoft has its NFT marketplace (Quartz), and we’ve also written about the possibly plagiarising VoiceVerse NFTs. Still, Blockverse also had a sad story the other day. One of the voices of the technology that deals with voices instead of images could have been Troy Baker.

Here’s what he wrote on Twitter: “Thank you all for your feedback and patience. After careful consideration, I’ve decided not to continue the partnership with VoiceVerseNFT. Intentions aside, I’ve heard you and apologize for accusing anyone of “hating” just by simply disagreeing with me.” True, he did annoy a few people when his announcement tweet concluded, “We all have a story to tell. You can hate. Or you can create. What’ll it be?” That was what his apology was referring to.

Of course, there was something else at play in Baker’s retreat. He’s part of the Play, Watch, Listen podcast and co-hosts the show with other industry experts. The others (Mike Bithell, Alanah Pearce and Austin Wintory) all condemn NFTs, and after Baker’s announcement, there was an episode where the team talked about NFTs all the way through. You can guess what happened during the show…

So things are evolving around the NFTs, but if more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon, we have to ask how much is it all about the money? Not to mention the impact on the environment, which makes it seem like carpe diem thinking for money-hungry publishers. At least not everyone is interested in blockchain (Xbox and Valve are two prime examples; the latter has banned such games from Steam).

Source: PCGamer

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