Fallout: Nuevo Mexico Fan Mod Further Expands The World Of The RPG Saga [VIDEO]

The Fallout: Nuevo Mexico, an expansion to New Vegas, is now available in a trailer.



Fans of the Fallout universe are in for a treat, as in the absence of a new RPG based on the mythical post-apocalyptic role-playing series, a team of modders have brought Fallout: Nuevo Mexico to life, a fan mod for the memorable Fallout: New Vegas, which adds new landscapes to explore inspired by the scenarios of the first two Fallout games.

Nuevo Mexico release date not yet known

There is still no specific release date for Fallout: Nuevo Mexico, but the makers have released a teaser trailer that gives a glimpse of the new adventure in action. The game promises interaction with several additional factions and three new unique companions, perfect for trying out the new affinity system created for the occasion.

In addition to Nuevo Mexico, other big fan projects for the Obsidian classic include the Van Buren Remake, which aims to bring to life the “original” third instalment developed by Black Isle before its cancellation; Fallout: Broken City, which adds new missions; and the Fallout: California prequel, which can be downloaded here.

Alongside the zeal to expand the world of Fallout, we’ve also seen other recent projects such as Fallout: London, which was created using the graphics assets from Fallout 4 and which, as well as taking us to a whole new location, introduces quirky elements such as acid rain.

Source: YouTube

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