Expanded Omen of Sorrow To Be Released For Two More Consoles [VIDEO]

AOne Games’ Omen of Sorrow game will not only be released on Steam for PC by Eastasiasoft, as the horror-themed brawler will also be published for two more consoles.


Okay, that’s a bit of a complicated story, as the game is already available on multiple platforms. So there’s the original PlayStation 4 version, published by Soedesco. Then, there’s the Epic Games Store version, where the developer self-published Omen of Sorrow. Then, there’s the Xbox One version, released in September. To these, you can add PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Steam on PC. The expanded version will see a revamp of the story mode content and new endings for the arcade mode. The Xbox One version will get these updates with a free update. The versions published by Eastasiasoft will get cross-play online multiplayer (and in Asia, that includes PlayStation 4, as they are the publishers there).

Pre-orders for the physical release will go live at 10 AM Eastern time on February 24 on Play-Asia. Only a thousand limited editions of the PlayStation 5 edition will be produced. In comparison, the Nintendo Switch version will have 2,000 limited editions, but there will also be standard editions and plenty of them. Here’s the game’s overview: “Since its original launch, Omen of Sorrow has become a cult hit with fighting game aficionados. AOne Games and Eastasiasoft Limited have focused on evolving that experience to bring a definitive revision to more players across multiple platforms and in more territories. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Omen of Sorrow’s 2.5D brawling spans many detailed locations with handcrafted animations and cinematic finishers, all set to a masterful soundtrack by composer Francisco Cerda.

In a hidden underworld ruled by creatures of the night, a new terror has awakened! Omen of Sorrow brings monsters of horror, literature and mythology together for a fighting game experience unlike any other. Inspired by numerous arcade classics but offering its unique innovations and mature aesthetics, Omen of Sorrow positively bleeds style! Featuring a roster inspired by such icons as Frankenstein’s monster and Egyptian high priest Imhotep, this traditional 4-button fighting game rewards or punishes players based on how aggressive their playstyle is, putting a skill-centric spin on combat while keeping the experience accessible to newcomers.

Select from a varied roster of characters inspired by horror classics.

Use cinematic finishers to take down opponents in style! Explore single-player modes against the CPU or challenge friends online. Strategize on the fly and turn the tide of battle through aggressive play!” the press release says. There is no information about the PlayStation 5/Nintendo Switch versions’ release date.

Source: Gematsu

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