Daily Absurdity: Konami Forgot To Renew The Silent Hill Domain, And a Former Artist Jokingly Took It Away From The Company And Trolls on It

The official website for the Japanese Silent Hill horror saga now belongs to Masahiro Ito, who worked on the series.


In recent years, fans have been clamouring for the Silent Hill saga more than anything else from Konami. However, the Japanese company still hasn’t brought back the horror franchise, and when there is any news about it, it’s usually pretty disappointing for the community.

That’s why – and while it all seems pretty crazy – what’s happened in the last few days is not too surprising. It turns out that Konami hasn’t renewed the official domain for Silent Hill, and it’s not clear whether this is due to total disinterest or unknown plans, but you can check for yourself by logging onto

Entering the website, we find a surprise: a screenshot of a Twitter message from Masahiro Ito, the former artistic director of the series, who has acquired the domain and is using it for jokes. “I wish I hadn’t designed the cyborg****tt Pyramid Head,” writes the author of the tweet, who has previously explained that the constant abuse of the character has made his entire work meaningless.

Gestures like this seem to indicate that Konami is not very interested in resurrecting Silent Hill, even if there were mentions during The Game Awards 2021 that reignited speculation. The fact that fans are eagerly awaiting it is no longer news, and their constant hunger for news and information has led to the creation of strange projects like this Unreal Engine 5 remake.

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