How Could Battlefield 2042 ‘Skin’ A Helicopter?!

A skin has been removed from Battlefield 2042 due to events in recent days.


Europe is going through difficult times due to the situation between Russia and Ukraine, and in a world connected by the Internet, video gamers are no strangers to these types of events. Battlefield 2042 is Electronic Arts ’latest shooting game, and in terms of its war theme, the experience of recent days has greatly influenced its reception and the opinions of its players.

The consequences for the DICE game are not severe, but they are significant. In a message posted on social media, those responsible for the game announced their decision to remove a Russian helicopter from the game. This skin was offered as a weekly reward and nothing was offered to replace it.

“In light of current events, we have disabled the weekly mission system and this week’s reward will not be available in Battlefield 2042,” they explain in a tweet. “Players who have completed the mission are not affected. The weekly missions will be resumed next week. ”

The weekly missions return in the next seven days. The skin was called Grin Reaper and offered a unique customization of the Russian Super Hind that has a shark smile on its nose as a distinguishing feature. EA did not want to directly mention Russia’s war with Ukraine, andthey opted for a gentler manner when discussing “current events”.

Last week, several video game studios responded to the war that rages in Europe. For example, donations have been announced from the CD Project RED, and those in charge of the fantastic This War of Mine, a game rarely seen in the world, have launched an initiative to raise money to help those unfortunate people who are affected.

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