Yakuza’s Creator Started His Own Radio Show

Yakuza’s creator Toshihiro Nagoshi has announced the launch of his own radio show in Japan.


The Tokyo FM show, Nagoshi Studio Presents Future Lounge, will be hosted by Nagoshi and will be accompanied by Ami Kikuchi, who is known for her television and radio personalities.


Famitsu reports that in each episode of the Future Lounge, different guests discuss their creative passions, effects on others, and general approach to life.


In an “imaginary, shelter-like bar” lounge during the show, Nagoshi asks guests questions from the creator’s perspective. At the same time, Kikuchi acts as an interested audience member and also contributes questions to the conversation.


“I’ve always loved radio, and when I started dealing with it, I realized again that it was important for guests to have a deeper understanding,” Nagoshi said. “I want to focus on that first.


“I’m going to talk to a lot of different people, and I want to be able to draw a line between the easy parts of people who seem serious and the severe aspects of those who make a loose impression. ”


Kikuchi jested, “Nagoshi-san looks like the most discerning guy I’ve ever seen, but when I got to know him better, I realized he was an excellent person.”


In January, Nagoshi officially announced the creation of its new development studio, Nagoshi Studio. The company will focus on developing a “wholly-owned subsidiary” of China-based NetEase Games and “high-end titles for worldwide release,” primarily on consoles.


In another interview with Famitsu last month, Nagoshi confirmed that the studio has already begun work on its first production and will continue to focus on Japanese culture, similar to the Yakuza and Judgment games.


“We’re Japanese, and it’s a Japanese studio. Naturally, the market we find the easiest to serve is Japan,” he explained.


“We were desperately trying to find a system of procedures that would allow us to create something that is accepted worldwide while keeping the focus on Japan. I don’t think I’ve been able to give a complete answer to this question so far.


“To find that answer and strive to follow the ideal, I created the Nagoshi Studio. However, the focus will remain on Japan. ”


Nagoshi isn’t the only game maker to replace his development tools with a microphone. Hideo Kojima announced earlier this month that it will launch its own podcast called Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse, and Katsuhiro Harada, known for Tekken, launched a video show last year.


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