Christopher Lloyd Joined Ryan Reynolds & Mark Ruffalo In The Adam Project Promo [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – As Daylight Saving Time (in the US) comes into effect this weekend, Ryan Reynolds has created an epic PSA with the help of The Adam Project and an old “time expert.”



Ryan Reynolds‘ latest Netflix film, The Adam Project, premiered yesterday – our review is coming later today, so stay tuned. The film tells the story of a man who goes back in time to save humanity using his child self. Predictably, Reynolds wouldn’t have let the movie come out without doing some fun little promos with the help of some friends. That’s why we got a special PSA from Reynolds and The Adam Project’s other star Mark Ruffalo about Daylight Saving Time, which also enlists the knowledge of “time expert” Christopher Lloyd.

In the video, which was shared on social media by Ruffalo, Reynolds and Netflix’s Geeked Twitter account, the film’s stars introduce Lloyd to explain why it’s good to lose an hour on the weekend.

“Ryan and I have both played superheroes that have time travelled,” Ruffalo begins, and Reynolds continues, “And our new movie The Adam Project is about time travel so we felt obliged to do a public service announcement for daylight savings this weekend because we don’t want you to miss our movie.”

After pointing out that it doesn’t really matter to the Netflix movie since “there are no showtimes,” the pair introduce Lloyd, who gives “a speech as epic as their movie” about the time. With dramatic music playing in the background, Lloyd launches into his equally dramatic monologue:

“I know about time. I am 83 years old. To me, the years seem like minutes.”

“Yet I do not dwell in memories. Because life is about moving forward. Not just into the future, into the unknown. This weekend we will lose an hour. But maybe we will gain some perspective. So as we leap ahead to whatever life holds, let us grab hands and be brave. Because despite what movies might have taught us… we can’t go back.”

Watch the promo below, at the end of which Reynolds and Ruffalo praise the Back to the Future star and then make a slight mockery of Daylight Saving Time itself.

Netflix has already proven how popular a plot set in the 1980s can be, with series like Stranger Things, which has tried to capture the feel of the cult decade for three seasons and will continue to do so with Season 4, which arrives in a few months. Now The Adam Project is pulling something similar, delivering a thrilling time-travel adventure that Steven Spielberg could have made in the mid-1980s.

The Adam Project is now available to watch on Netflix.

Source: Twitter

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