The latest Morbius teaser is out – Will the protagonist be cursed or cured? [VIDEO]

The new teaser focuses on Dr Morbius’ distorted psyche.


The question of whether Dr Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, could use his superpower as a cure for himself still stands in the latest teaser for Sony’s upcoming comic book adaptation. Dr. Morbius is a suffering antihero in the Spider-Man Shared Universe, who, Throughout the film, slowly transforms into the Marvel quasi-villain.

The official Morbius Twitter account shared the new teaser for the film; it focuses on Dr. Morbius and his childhood friend, played by Matt Smith, as they both suffer from the same rare blood disease. Morbius, as a scientist, struggles to cure himself; however, he acquires a form of transgenic vampirism as a result.

Morbius is eager to save others suffering his exact fate, but he enters a dangerous game. While it seems to be a radical success at first, the beast inside of him is unleashed. Will he be able to conquer his evil side, or will he succumb to his new powers?

The teaser expands on Morbius’ inner conflicts and suffering, with his friend believing that he has successfully found a cure, although the doctor feels that he has cursed himself to live the life of a monster. This leads to his friend, Loxias Crown turning into the supervillain Hunger. We could possibly see the two friends becoming enemies throughout the course of events.

Morbius introduces an exceptionally conflicted character within the Marvel characters. The film is directed by Daniel Espinosa and written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

Daniel Espinosa, said that he could only imagine Leto in Morbius’ role and no one else.

“Jared Leto was the only actor that could really play the part of Morbius. That wasn’t really a choice – it was predestination,” the filmmaker said before heaping praise on his leading man. “Jared is a beautiful actor to work with – he comes to set fully prepared, completely immersed in his character. He’s become known for his approach to his characters, but it was truly surprising to see how much emotionality he could wrest out of Dr. Michael Morbius. He has a strong dedication, beginning to end, and more than just an actor. He’s a colleague, a partner.”

Jared Leto himself has also taken a liking to his new role.

“Morbius gave me the opportunity to have this character that really makes three pretty significant transformations – He starts off very, very sick searching for a cure disease… then he finds a cure and it becomes powerful and stronger than he’s ever been before,” the actor said. “Then there is another transformation that happens. It was it was kind of the perfect role for me. Honestly, I enjoyed it quite a bit.”

Starring Jared Leto, alongside Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, and Tyrese Gibson, Morbius will be released on April 1, 2022.

Source: Movie Web

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