Triangle Strategy breaks its sales records and wins over RPG fans

Triangle Strategy became a great success, despite having many strong titles surrounding it around its launch.



While Square Enix’s new game was already among the most popular games of the last few weeks, we now know a more accurate figure for its success. Maybe it’s the tactical RPG approach, or maybe it’s the intricate decision-making system that has won it over. But either way, there’s no doubt that Triangle Strategy has made a strong debut for fans of the genre.

Triangle Strategy’s Twitter account shared the game’s first sales results: 200,000 units sold in Japan and Asia and almost 800,000 copies worldwide. In other words, the RPG has achieved positive results, even if other heavyweights in the industry surrounded its launch.

This game is something that will undoubtedly capture the interest of any fan of RPGs and twist-filled storylines. While Triangle Strategy’s gameplay is based on tactical battles that invite precise strategising, its decision system is also worth mentioning. Considering that we play as Serinoa, heir to the house of Wolffort, and the new leader of a group of warriors, each choice has consequences in the story that lead to multiple endings.

It’s no surprise that Triangle Strategy has achieved such numbers, as it had a great debut in the UK and has maintained its popularity in the Japanese territory.

Source: Nintendo Life

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