Paul Dano Will Write The New Tie-In Comic Book Series Of Batman

Paul Dano will be the writer behind the new Batman comic book, Riddler: Year One.



As the film version is a huge success, The Batman is getting a tie-in comic book series exploring Paul Dano’s Riddler further. The director of The Batman announced on Twitter along with an image, which gives us a peek into the new artwork. Dano himself is writing the 6-issue series with artwork provided by Stevan Subic. It is not known yet what exactly the comic book will be about; however, we likely get a prequel in the new project, where we’ll see how Edward Nashton turned into the infamous supervillain, the Riddler. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the puzzling serial killer, and we may be getting a lot of them answered in the comic book.

There are at least two spinoff shows in development at HBO Max. One will focus on Arkham Asylum, the maximum-security facility housing the city’s most dangerous supervillains. Another brings back Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot to chronicle his rise from petty criminal into the kingpin known as Penguin. It is speculated that there will be a new film sequel too since the first film had such a good reception and success; therefore, a sequel could expand the world of The Batman in more detail.

The Zodiac Killer inspired the new Batman’s Riddler, and this incarnation is much darker than it was portrayed in earlier media. What helped make it work was the portrayal by Dano in the role. Matt Reeves, director and co-writer, imagined Dano as the Riddler; therefore, they designed the character together.

Reeves said the following about the character:

“That character, he’s caught up in his artistry and he struggles to communicate with those around him. That was spiritually connected to the idea of this isolation that the Riddler felt. The Riddler is a product of our time, the way that people become isolated online and retreat to mental activities that substitute for not having contact. Paul is just off center in a way that makes him very relatable. I didn’t want this character to be a villain. Even in his darkness, I wanted to see that humanity.”

The Batman stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne (aka the Batman), Paul Dano as the Riddler, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and Colin Farrell as Penguin. Reeves co-wrote the screenplay with Peter Craig.

The comic book about the Riddler will most likely debut in October 2022. Until then, the new Batman film is in cinemas worldwide now.

Source: Movie Web

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