Intel Unveils Its First GPU For PC: Pictures & Details Of The Arc Series! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Intel graphics cards are now available for notebooks, but desktops will have to wait.



Maybe it’s the influence of NVIDIA’s recently unveiled GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, maybe not, but Intel, although always tied to the processor industry, is now looking to enter the graphics card arena for good.


Desktop GPUs will be launched in the early summer


The giant announced its intentions last year, but it officially unveiled the Arc range today. According to The Verge, these graphics cards are already available for notebooks, and desktop PCs are scheduled to get their own GPUs before the summer. Intel has already addressed the details of the notebook lineup while awaiting specifications for the latter group of graphics cards.





Intel will introduce even more powerful graphics cards for notebooks in the coming months.

However, it is worth noting that the company has released only two Arc 3 cards, which are the least powerful in its range. In terms of specifications, the A350M GPU has 6 Xe cores and 6 ray tracing units, while the A370M has 8 Xe cores and 8 ray tracing units. The Verge ponders the usefulness of these components, which can improve the gaming experience in a traditional laptop, but without turning it into a gaming device.

Much sharper gaming on laptops, as will be demonstrated by more graphics cores, more ray tracing units, more memory and more powerful GPUs, will have to wait until “early summer”. This is similar to what Intel has announced for its desktop PC cards which, as mentioned, will be released in the coming months.


Intel calls its new GPUs limited edition


So what do we know about these desktop GPUs? Well, not much, as the company has only shown us a few official images, which without giving any technical details, offer a dual fan setup, an HDMI port and three DisplayPort ports. We assume the company will provide more information on the cards’ capabilities by the time of release.





It’s also worth noting that the tech giant has branded it as a “limited edition” version, though it’s unclear whether it will be a limited edition or just a naming of its own GPUs, which, as The Verge notes, is similar to NVIDIA’s Founder’s Edition branding move.

Finally, one of the new features was Intel’s XeSS system, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to scale games to much higher resolutions as you play. Like many of the other products discussed in the news, this technology will be available in early summer.

So we’ll be keeping an eye on what the new Intel GPUs have to offer in the coming months. Ironically, the component shortage is so plaguing the tech industry that NVIDIA has been considering a possible collaboration with the company to facilitate the production of its graphics cards. In time, we will see where these initiatives lead.

Source: The Verge

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