Oscar Isaac Joked About The Metal Gear Movie: “We’re Climbing Through Air Ducts, We’re Looking For The Story”

MOVIE NEWS – Oscar Isaac alluded to one of the most iconic moments of Kojima’s game at the premiere of Moon Knight.



Oscar Isaac became one of the hottest actors after starring in the new Star Wars trilogy, and more recently, as Duke Leto Atreides in Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune. In the Disney+ miniseries, the actor will play Moon Knight, a Marvel hero who has been seen in various video games.

IGN staff approached him on the red carpet during the series premiere to ask him if he had any news on the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid movie. The actor didn’t reveal too many details, saying only that they were working on it and looking for the story that best fits Hideo Kojima’s character.

The actor has already revealed his love for Kojima’s game

Oscar Isaac also made a funny reference to the Konami classic and one of the most memorable moments for fans. The air ducts are a crucial element of the infiltration game, designed to allow Snake to sneak through them to avoid detection by enemies. Isaac confessed that he was looking for the story by “climbing through air ducts.”

The famous actor has previously shared his love for the game: “I love the game. I love the feeling it gives me every time I play. It’s an adventure where you feel isolated, sad and lonely, but it also has incredible moments of violence and terror, and it mixes those concepts with strange, psychedelic villains,” said Isaac, who is committed to bringing those elements to Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ film.

Source: IGN

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