The Stan Lee Commemoration At The End Of The Punisher Has Disappeared

MOVIE NEWS – Another commemoration has disappeared from a Marvel series on Disney+: Stan Lee had to go from The Punisher, while he remained in Jessica Jones.


Similar to other Marvel movies that were released after the creator’s death, The Punisher commemorated the legendary Stan Lee. At the end of the final episode, a caption was placed in front of the credits, “In loving memory of Stan Lee.” But in the version you see now, after Frank Castle opens fire on two groups of criminals in a warehouse, the screen goes black and a few moments later the credits begin.

Disney+’s editing principles have been the subject of controversy since its launch. Recently, the allegedly unintentional changes to Falcon and Santa Claus have drawn attention to the channel’s other Marvel series. While there have been no changes to the previous content of Marvel Television, a Stan Lee tribute has curiously disappeared from the end of The Punisher. We don’t know if this was a deliberate change or simply another technical glitch that occurred when the series was added to the channel’s line-up.

It is particularly strange that while the commemoration from The Punisher has disappeared, it is still visible at the end of Jessica Jones. However, the tribute to Reg E. Cathey in Luke Cage has also disappeared. From here, we can only speculate what Disney+’s next questionable move might be. Will they also remove the tribute to the iconic founder of Marvel from Jessica Jones?

Source: Movie Web

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