Thor: Love And Thunder Finally Reveals Release Date Of Its Trailer?

MOVIE NEWS – Thor: Love and Thunder has already broken the record of silence in the MCU trailer releases, with no trailer three months before the premier. However, a recent image shared by the director could hint at a change.


We only have to wait about three months until the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Taika Waititi, which will be a follow-up to Thor: Ragnarok. However, fans are becoming more impatient lately as there’s still no trailer or official footage of the upcoming movie, which is strange even in the MCU. We had seen this situation in 2008 when The Incredible Hulk debuted; however, the new Thor movie outflanked even Hulk in making the fans wait, having the shortest window between the first trailer and the release of the movie.

However, this silence is about to be broken, or at least it seems so, judging from Taika Waititi’s picture on social media. The photo shows the director and the two main characters of the movie, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, as they form hand signals which read: 11/4/22.

Needless to say, fans started speculating whether it meant something or not. However, it’s so specific and odd that it doesn’t seem to be something without a message. The director forms an 11 with two fingers, Hemsworth holds up four fingers and Thompson two peace signs, which could be interpreted as 22. If we put these together, they could hint at the upcoming trailer’s release date, which could be the 11th of April in this case.

We’ll see whether we guessed it right or not, but it is intriguing, at least to say.

Source: Movie Web

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