Didn’t The Latest PlayStation VR Exclusive Sell Well

Sony has already announced the new PlayStation VR, but until then, let’s not neglect the first VR headset that hit the market over five years ago…


The latest PlayStation VR exclusive is Moss: Book II. The first game was an exclusive, but only temporarily, as the rodent appeared on other platforms around five months after its PSVR release (and that’s not meant to be a derogatory adjective, as the main character in Moss is what we’ve defined him to be…), and there’s a good chance the second game will do the same in the autumn.

PSNProfiles is a site that can track players’ trophy information. It’s from this site that VGC has filtered the unheard-of data that Moss: Book II is owned by only 101 players. We didn’t typo that number; we did write a hundred and one. In contrast, according to the site’s tracking, Weird West, which launched the same day, has over 700 owners.

It should be pointed out here that PSNProfiles is an optional service, not mandatory for everyone, so not everyone can be tracked by the service. The PlayStation Network can’t be 100% followed by anything other than Sony itself, so the number of actual sales is undoubtedly much higher than 101 (especially for a timed exclusive, that would be an insufficient number). Especially since in 2020, Sony announced that they had sold over five million PSVRs.

According to the paywalled Sacred Symbols PlayStation podcast, the first part of Moss, if you count both versions of it, shows over 20,000 owners. The sequel’s situation was undoubtedly made worse because the PlayStation VR can only be connected to PlayStation 5 with an adapter, which has to be ordered from Sony. It’s not as easy as it was with PlayStation 4.

Chris Alderson, co-founder and art director of game developer Polyarc Studio, said in a recent interview that he would like to see Moss: Book II released on multiple platforms as soon as possible. So it’s probably a bit of a financial drag for them, which we can understand…

Source: VGC

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