Zack Snyder Shows Pictures From The Set Of Rebel Moon

MOVIE NEWS – Filming has begun on Snyder’s Rebel Moon, and the director has given us a sneak peek of what’s to come. Now we get our first look at Djimon Hounsou.


Only a day into filming on Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon, the director has already revealed some images from the upcoming movie. Among others, we can see Djimon Hounsou.

The project was originally intended for the Star Wars universe years ago, but after Lucasfilm rejected the idea, Snyder went his own way and turned it into a standalone sci-fi epic that could be the basis for a franchise of its own if it manages to catch the viewers’ interest.



Snyder seems to have found his true calling at Netflix after Warner Bros. The Army of the Dead, and the world that has been built around it (Army of Thieves, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, Planet of the Dead) have been a huge success, so it’s no wonder that Rebel Moon is coming to Netflix as well.

Snyder has a lot of fans, despite the harsh reviews his previous films have received. That’s probably why Netflix gives him a free hand when it comes to making the feature-length films that have become his trademarks. The Army of the Dead went from a simple screenplay to an epic length, and rumour has it that Rebel Moon will be similar, so much so that it is expected to be released in two parts.

Previously suspected to be a long, big-budget film, Rebel Moon is now rumoured to be so big that it will be released in two parts. It makes one wonder, if the director’s cut of Justice League was four hours long, what should we expect from Rebel Moon?

In any case, Netflix is expecting the new film to be a similar success to the previous Snyder works. So it’s likely that this film is planned to be the start of a new universe, with several spinoffs and sequels to follow. Of course, this is speculation at this point, but knowing Snyder, the idea is not at all far-fetched.

Rebel Moon was originally conceived as a Star Wars story, but Snyder is not known for cheap solutions. We’re sure to get a standalone story, a standalone world that could even rival the Star Wars universe. Fans are already speculating, but we’ll have to wait for the film’s release next year for the answers.

Source: MovieWeb

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