Who Could Be The Next James Bond? Barbara Broccoli Made An Interesting Comment

MOVIE NEWS – Producer Barbara Broccoli recently revealed that the next film in the James Bond franchise would not be released anytime soon.



Daniel Craig ended his 15-year career as the iconic superspy James Bond with No Time to Die. The film was a huge success, especially in the context of the worldwide epidemic; it even received three Oscar nominations. There’s No Time to Die was a poignant farewell to Craig’s Bond, which was largely well-received by fans. But now that Craig has left the franchise, the question is: Who will be the next James Bond?

It is not yet known who will be the next 007, and the ending of No Time to Die will undoubtedly complicate the issue.

But franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has assured that James Bond will return. How? No one knows. As for when we can expect the next Bond film, Broccoli recently answered that question. While attending the Broadway premiere of Craig and Ruth Negga’s play Macbeth, Broccoli told Variety, “It’s going to take some time” before announcing who will replace Craig.

“It’s a big decision. It’s not just casting a role. It’s about a whole rethink about where we’re going. I’m just here celebrating one of the greatest actors on the planet, Daniel Craig.”

Broccoli is right about the reimagining, as No Time to Die killed off the iconic character, but the “James Bond Returns” tagline still appeared on screen after the credits rolled. Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and all the actors who previously played Bond played the same character, making it difficult to explain the character’s death in No Time to Die.

A reboot with a whole new cast is the only option that makes sense for the franchise at the moment.

While No Time to Die was a definite improvement on its disappointing predecessor, Spectre, it has not been as well-received by critics or audiences as some of Craig’s previous films. This, coupled with the recurring themes of James Bond films, may make it difficult for it to stand out from the competition in the future. Hopefully, the makers have something unique and fresh in store for the franchise.

However, fans of the film series can look forward to some good news: as of today, 1 May, all the previous James Bond movies are now available on HBO Max!

Source: Variety

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