The First Concept Artwork For Funcom’s Open-World Dune Game

Funcom currently has several job offers to make the already announced game a reality.


Funcom has launched a website looking for people for its next-gen, open-world game set in the Dune universe. They have published two concept art, and a CGI render, so for the first time, we can see something from the project, which (seeing the open positions) is undoubtedly at least 2-3 years away from being released. Let’s take a quick look at the job openings.

The live services section is looking for the head of server operations. The art section is looking for a lead concept artist, a lead artist, a senior 3D artist, and a technical UI artist; the design section has openings for the world director, an assistant game director, a senior UX designer, a content designer, and a level designer.

The engineering section is looking for a technical director, a lead gameplay programmer, a lead UI programmer, a tool programmer and a senior gameplay programmer; the production segment is looking for a senior producer in North Carolina, USA, and in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, and there is also a senior content producer and a senior content producer and QA producer job opening. And for marketing, they are looking for a marketing director, a performance marketing manager and a community developer. In addition to these, there are other job offers, and some of them can be done remotely.

Funcom’s Dune game has no release date yet, and no target platforms have been announced. It is, therefore, almost certain that we should not expect a release before 2024, and it is certain that the PC will not be left out of the target platforms and that a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series version will be released later unless it is developed as such by default (and then, the console and PC versions would get a simultaneous launch, especially if the console optimisation is also adequately done).

We can’t tell much from the pictures, but we can say that it’s a good starting point, but we won’t get the same visuals during gameplay. You can bet on that.

Source: Gematsu

Dune Open World Survival Game 2022 05 12 22 001

Dune Open World Survival Game 2022 05 12 22 002

Dune Open World Survival Game 2022 05 12 22 003

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