“Not The Halo I Made!” Says Bungie Veteran About The TV Series

MOVIE NEWS – Bungie veteran Marcus Lehto says he doesn’t hate the series, it’s just very different from the Halo he knows and loves.



Apparently, former Halo art director Marcus Lehto isn’t too keen on the series, which is running on Paramount+. Lehto has worked at Bungie since the early days, overseeing the art and graphics for Myth: The Fallen Lords before becoming art director for Halo: Combat Evolved, a role he held for both Episodes 2 and 3. He was then creative director on Halo: Reach, the last game he developed at Bungie before leaving the studio in 2012.

With that background, it’s no surprise that one wonders what he thinks of the Halo TV series, which he shared with the public on Twitter.

“I’m still getting through the series. Lots of mixed emotions and opinions!” he wrote last weekend when a follower first asked him about it.

However, that opinion seemed to harden a few days later. “I’m not sure where the inspiration for the show comes from now,” he tweeted in a conversation with his followers. “Not the Halo I made.” He quickly clarified, in response to another fan, “The Halo I helped make.”

That sounds harsh, but Lehto later noted that he wasn’t suggesting criticism, just change. “For clarity, I never said I didn’t like it,” he later tweeted. “It’s just so different than the Halo I helped make – it’s like a different universe.”

“I actually like some of the battle scenes. Cool action and some great VFX. In particular, the plasma hit effects in ep1 are spot on.”

Not too hard to understand Lehto’s point of view. He’s one of the original lead figures responsible for creating the original game, so he certainly has deep ties to the game, but he’s also been away from the series for well over a decade – Reach was released in 2010. Things have changed a lot since then, and Lehto (or anyone else for that matter) can rightly say it’s cool, but it’s not my game.

When he’s not talking about TV series on Twitter, Lehto is running Electronic Arts’ new studio, where he’s working on the Battlefield series.

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