Is There A New Killzone Game In Development For PSVR 2?!

Details have emerged of a Killzone VR game initially planned for the first PSVR, which could now be coming to PSVR 2.


At the time, it was no accident that the Killzone VR game was cancelled. The PlayStation VR headset opened up new possibilities on PlayStation consoles, but few would argue that the first PSVR headset really lived up to its potential. The limitations of the PS4 hardware and the still-small number of VR game developers have held PSVR back. Sony is now hoping that the PSVR 2 headset will build on what the original started, with more standout franchises coming to VR.

The Killzone VR rumour comes from Bryan Paul in his latest video for PSVR Without Parole.

Paul has previously shared early information on PSVR news, and now he returns with details on the development of a Killzone VR game. While Paul isn’t sure if the title is currently in development, he does have details on an older Killzone project that he now believes could be a PSVR 2 game release.

Killzone VR is described as being launched as a game by Supermassive Games for the original PSVR. Supermassive had just completed a series of PSVR games between 2016 and 2018, including Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, The Inpatient, and Bravo Team. It seems that Sony also hired Supermassive to make games during these years, building on their experience with the PSVR headset and the remastering of Killzone for PS3.

Unfortunately, by 2019, Sony became dissatisfied with the project and cancelled it.

According to Paul, although development on Supermassive’s Killzone VR is over, Sony hasn’t abandoned the project. Instead, it finished the development of the game internally. This is where Paul runs out of credible information about what happened and where he starts speculating. He goes on to say that if the game’s internal development began in 2019, it’s possible that the project is being planned as a launch game for PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 currently has neither a release date nor a confirmed launch game.

There are, however, games planned for the platform, such as Horizon Call of the Mountain and Among Us VR. Killzone VR, if it exists, would undoubtedly prove to be a strong seller and a showcase of PSVR 2’s capabilities. From that perspective, it makes a lot of sense.

VR fans may not have to wait long for confirmation of this rumour. Sony announced last week that it plans to talk about PSVR 2 games at the State of Play event on June 2. If Killzone VR isn’t at the event, the reliability of the rumour will be called into question. Still, this project is a fascinating idea that Sony will hopefully see through sooner rather than later.

Source: Diario Tiempo

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