Midseason Finale Of Better Call Saul Got Fantastic Ratings!

MOVIE NEWS – The seventh episode of Season 6, “Plan and Execution,” received a near-perfect 9.9 on IMDb, the highest rating for Better Call Saul.



Breaking Bad spinoff series Better Call Saul set a new record with its latest episode. “Plan and Execution”, the seventh episode of the sixth and final season, served as the mid-season finale before the series’ return in July. Concluding years of storylines and featuring some rather shocking moments, the episode made a significant impact on viewers, resulting in a near-perfect 9.9 rating on IMDb.

This not only makes the episode one of the most-watched TV episodes of all time but also marks a new series high for Better Call Saul.

Although a handful of other episodes came close, it is the only episode to reach a 9.9 rating. Season 3’s episode “Chicanery” scored a 9.7, as did Season 5’s episodes “Bagman” and “Bad Choice Road”. An earlier episode from Season 6, “Rock and Hard Place”, also scored a 9.7. The season 4 finale, “Winner”, is next with a 9.5.

These scores helped Better Call Saul live up to its predecessor. Many have long considered Breaking Bad to be among the best television series of all time. Season 5’s episode “Ozymandias” is the only TV series to score a perfect 10.0 on IMDb, while Season 4’s “Face Off” and Season 5’s finale “Felina” both scored 9.9. There are still six episodes left of Better Call Saul, and if the final episodes continue the momentum, Better Call Saul could reach a 10.0 score.

Without getting into spoiler territory for those who haven’t gotten to the end yet, the first half of Better Call Saul’s final season really wraps up some story threads in a big way.

There are still some serious questions to be answered when the series returns this summer. For the story of Jimmy McGill (aka Saul Goodman, aka Gene Takavic) to come to a satisfying conclusion, the series will have to go on a huge run, and given what happened with Game of Thrones, there could be a lot of pressure ahead of the final episodes.

The second part of Better Call Saul’s sixth and final season premieres July 11 on AMC and AMC+.

Source: IMDb

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