Hideo Kojima Made A Shocking Announcement At Xbox Games Showcase! [VIDEO]

The Japanese creative legend Hideo Kojima, responsible for franchises such as Metal Gear and Death Stranding, attended the event, accompanied by Phil Spencer.



Respected developer guru Hideo Kojima was one of the headliners at yesterday afternoon’s Xbox Showcase, announcing a powerful alliance with Microsoft Game Studios for his next video game, the title of which has yet to be revealed.

The Japanese director, the brainchild of video games such as the Metal Gear saga and Death Stranding, was one of the event’s stars. He was introduced by Phil Spencer himself, saving Kojima as a trump card for the final bow of the event.

“This game has become a challenge for me” – Hideo Kojima

“Welcome everyone, this is Hideo Kojima speaking,” the Japanese creative began his statement. “Yes, there was always a video game I wanted to make. A completely new title, something that no one has ever lived and experienced before. I’ve been waiting for a long time for the day when I could finally start making it. With Microsoft’s truly ground-breaking cloud technology and the changing trend in the industry, it was now a challenge for me to do it myself. It may take time, but I’m looking forward to working with Xbox Game Studios and I hope to bring you some very exciting news in the future.”

For now, we’ll have to wait to see what the Japanese creative is up to, although knowing him, we could easily have to wait months, even years, to find out what kind of video game profile a developer who, remember, was attached to the Silent Hill saga a few years ago, is now apparently moving on to a new IP.




Kojima himself may not have been able or willing to share more information about his project, but ahead of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, some information about the potential project has been leaked. One reliable leaker dubbed the game’s name Overdose, and subsequent reports on the project claimed it was a horror game starring actress Sarah Margaret Qualley. Kojima fans may recall that Qualley also played Mama and Locke in Death Stranding.

In the game called the Overdose behind closed doors demo, Qualley’s character walked through dark corridors with a flashlight.

The experience was in third-person, which distinguishes it from Kojima’s previous horror project P.T., although further rumours suggest a first-person option. The demo finally ended with a jumpscare scene, “The Hideo Kojima Game… OVERDOSE”, on the screen. Cloud game elements were not discernible.

It’s almost certain that there will be plenty of news, rumours and more to share about Kojima’s Xbox cloud project in the coming months. Whether it’s really about the horror game Overdose or something else entirely, Xbox has scored an exciting partnership.


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