Fifth & Final Playable Class For Diablo IV Has Been Revealed! [VIDEO]

Blizzard has unveiled a new trailer and even revealed the Diablo IV release window to the public.



Blizzard played a central role at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, including a new Diablo IV trailer and an extensive gameplay trailer with exciting details for fans of one of – if not “the” – most popular franchises!

Diablo IV will be released in 2023 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The trailer for Diablo IV reveals that the fifth hero to join the battle with the Hell Mistress is another big comeback: the Necromancer, who, lo and behold, is protected by an army of undead and his iconic Blood Golem during the fight. “Players will be able to use the Book of the Dead alongside the Necromancer, with a whole new set of abilities for the class, giving him the chance to dominate the battlefield”, with a brand new customisation system for the undead army that will also give the popular character control over various minions, including an Iron Golem.


What’s new with Diablo IV?


Following the teaser, Blizzard also released a comprehensive gameplay trailer detailing all the heroes, new combat styles, open-world design and expected content.

“We have created the biggest and most ambitious vision of the world of Sanctuary” – Mike Ybarra

“The re-imagining of Sanctuary in Diablo IV is massive, and every inch of it is packed with adventure possibilities,” reads the official press release. “Character customisation in the game is deeper and more varied than ever before,” and players eager to explore will have more than 140 dungeons and dozens of side quests at their fingertips as they battle the forces of Lilith.

Diablo IV’s vast open-world will also include world events that require multiple players to work together to defeat dangerous enemies. There will also be mounted animals to explore the environment and plenty of new skills to test your combat prowess (and click speed, of course).


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