Diablo IV Won’t Be As Over-Monetized As Diablo Immortal!

Blizzard had to respond to Diablo IV after Diablo Immortal, launched on iOS, Android and PC, became an incredibly greedy game.


PC rating of Diablo Immortal at Metacritic is only 0.3 on a 0-10 scale by users, which is ridiculously low. For this reason, it is no wonder that there are those who are worried about the future of the franchise, and rightly so, despite the free-to-play, mainly mobile-designed game Diablo Immortal; although Diablo IV is paid, the next new act in the series will be who knows how much microtransactions are popping up there.

Well, Blizzard is so upset that Diablo IV product manager in his job advertisement explains in detail that there will be no highly monetized game:” You will play a critical role in managing your Diablo IV gaming experience for millions of players worldwide. As this is a key component of Diablo IV’s seasonal content strategy, you’ll be the one who plans your content release schedule, configures your products with our in-house tools, and works with stakeholders in a variety of disciplines to keep your store up-to-date regularly. ” But this is nothing new, as in 2019 Joe Shely, then lead designer at Diablo IV, is now the director of said that we have a chance to be a beautician to buy items.

The game subreddit There are some mixed reactions. Some people think it’s acceptable for seasonal live service games to have a store waiting for them within the game, but others say a full-price game shouldn’t ask players for more money because who knows, they might booster items that can affect the gameplay can also hit their heads in the store. The Diablo III auction house (which was a kind of NFT before NFTs) doesn’t carry positive memories for everyone.

Rod Fergusson, Diablo’s franchise manager, had to respond to this on Twitter : Diablo IV will be a full-featured game for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC community. They are committed to providing amazing content to players years after its release, with optional cosmetic items as well as full, story-driven add-ons starring. (Backlash? Permanent internet connection, this has been confirmed before. Zero piracy. Offline game nuku, game storage trash. Grat to Blizzard this time too.) Then Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard < strong> Answered “Adam%” and Adam Fletcher of Diablo International community manager spoken: more details will be announced soon that paid content will be centered around optional cosmetic items and later full accessories, but the game will be huge, so all players will have plenty of content after release.

Diablo IV is coming in 2023 (not surprisingly announced) for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and the previously confirmed PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There will also be crossplay and cross-progression, so we can move between platforms without having to start all over again.

Source: PCGamer

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