Winners of this Year’s Vodafone Digital Award Announced

TECH NEWS – Hand orthosis, language learning software and a video call button for the elderly are among the winners of this year. With a total prize of HUF 15 million, the awards announced by Vodafone Hungary Foundation were given to projects that offer solutions to today’s most pressing challenges through digitalization. This year a total of 118 applications were received in three categories (Digital Society, Inclusion for All, Environmental Protection and Sustainability and Special Incubation Award).


“At Vodafone, we believe that we can use technology and digitalization to create a more liveable tomorrow. Every year, thanks to the Vodafone Digital Award, we have the opportunity to support projects that we believe can benefit humanity. The number and quality of this year’s applications confirmed not only, what I have known for years, namely that Hungary is full of great innovators, but also that by working together and supporting each other, we can indeed find answers to the most pressing questions of our time” – said Amanda Nelson, CEO of Vodafone Hungary.

The Vodafone Digital Award was first announced in 2018 by the Vodafone Hungary Foundation with the aim of recognizing innovators, who give practical help to the challenges of everyday life by supporting digitalization and at the same time serving the common good. In 2022, a total of 118 applications were received, 40% from individuals and 60% from organizations. Regarding the distribution, this year, Digital Society can be highlighted, 57% of the applications, i.e. 67 entries were submitted in this category. Among the awarded projects are innovations that strengthen the relationship between different social groups, health applications, agricultural and elder care digitization solutions, and even electric vehicle fleet management software.

The Vodafone Digital Award is an exemplary and unique initiative in Hungary, which creates an excellent opportunity to take action for our future through technological developments. The government is working with its corporate partners to ensure that no Hungarian idea that could become a marketable product or a service that improves quality of life is left on the shelf. This year’s round of the competition has confirmed out belief that Hungary has an almost inexhaustible supply of knowledge-based development plans. We will do our best to put this great resource into practice for the benefit of our children and grandchildren”– said Károly Balázs Solymár, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Technology and Industry.

The three categories of this year’s competition – Digital Society, Inclusion for All, Environmental Protection and Sustainability – reflect the most important problems and challenges affecting our society and environment. Anyone, who had a response to the above topics with a project that was already in operation but needed to be developed or with a digital solution that was about to be implemented, could enter the competition.

Winners of the Digital Society category

In this category, entries, with innovative digital solutions that benefit a particular social group, could be submitted. The potential topics for the digital society category are aligned with the UN’s sustainability goals, which include mental and physical health, poverty and homelessness, quality education, food waste elimination, community creation and a sharing economy.


1st Winner: Ceph Assistant – Dental Full X-ray analysis software

Ceph Assistant is a digital full X-ray analysis software for detecting dental abnormalities. With the help of artificial intelligence, the system detects and marks pathological changes on the X-ray images, thus drawing the doctor’s attention to the areas that are recommended to be addressed. On an interactive interface, the system also allows the doctor to override these markings and thanks to artificial intelligence, the system can improve itself by memorizing these improvements.


2nd Winner: Passerby Charitable Association

Járókelő.hu is a public area problem reporting website, which helps residents report potholes, broken dumpsters, worn-away pedestrian crossing paintings, damaged bus stops, abandoned cars and many other problems they experience in public areas. As the project is further developed, the system will allow you to filter notifications by area, competency, issue, notifier, or other standardizable criteria.


3rd Winner: Digital Language Solutions Kft. – [email protected] language learning app

The [email protected] mobile app is a special talkbot developed with the help of native English teachers and voice actors to improve English speaking skills. The combination of speech recognition and the custom developed voice control system helps users improve their English speaking skills in situations, very similar to real ones and at the same time acquire a valuable conversational routine, for which they receive a lot of professional help from the application.


3rd Winner: Briefly – Referral Program

Briefly has created a platform for businesses where they can find freelancers, that best suit their current needs and are enabled to work seamlessly with them, without having to worry about the administrative aspects of the cooperation. The aim of their entry was to expand the company’s partner network, to further develop the platform, and to promote it.

Winners of the Digital Inclusion for All category

In the Digital Inclusion for All category, the foundation expected entries of digitally innovative solutions that help catching up and the integration of disadvantaged groups, so that their lives can become more modern and simpler with the help of the solutions presented in the competition.

1st Winner: Kontekt – Physical button to facilitate video calls for elderly people

Kontekt is a device for seniors, who are reluctant to use smart devices, and can be connected to a TV screen, which facilitates the creation of a video call with their loved ones by pressing a physical button. This tool is intended to alleviate the loneliness of elderly people, and with the help of video calls, to reconnect with their families.


2nd Winner: Boldog Gizella Foundation – Digital solutions to support nursing/care tasks

Boldog Gizella Foundation aims to develop digital tools to support nursing and care tasks. A cloud-based application optimized for mobile devices has been designed, which provides a continuous picture of the condition of the residents of nursing homes, which makes it possible to monitor the performance of tasks and the workload of the nursing staff. Last but not least, it helps to meet the documentation requirements of elderly homes required by law.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability category winners

In the Environmental Protection and Sustainability category, entries of digitally innovative, green solutions that contribute to a resilient, climate-neutral ecosystem could be submitted. Possible topics included the eradication of air pollution, renewable energy, water life and the elimination of illegal waste.

1st Winner: Volteum Kft. – Support for live operation of electric vehicles

Volteum Kft. provides electric fleet management services to its customers. With a custom developed web app, the company enables its partners to operate their electric car fleet with greater efficiency. Volteum uses its algorithms to calculate the energy requirements for the daily use of electric vehicles, plan the best route for the vehicles, and optimize charging cycles. The software reduces the probability of vehicles being discharged, makes it possible to plan the cost and the time needed for charging.

2nd Winner: SolSTICE – Heuristic algorithm for 3D model based building energy system optimization

SolSTICE has developed an application for building energy system design, focusing on solar and battery solutions. Based on the GPS coordinates, 3D model and consumption profile of a building, the software is able to determine the size, component type and placement of the optimal solar system. The developed library can also be applied to residential buildings, industrial buildings, efficient design of solar parks.

3rd Winner: dFarmsolution – A solution for agricultural professionals

One of the most pressing issues in agriculture is weather and irrigation planning. dFarm’s solution uses satellite data collection software to analyze environmental impacts, inform farmers and help them make decisions when planning the necessary agricultural operations.

Winner of the Incubation Special Award

The social and professional jury unanimously voted HandExo as the winner of the Special Incubation Award. HandExo is a customizable hand orthosis. The device can even be operated remotely with the help of an application, thus helping patients who have suffered a stroke or other injuries to the hands and nervous system to move their fingers actively during the development exercises. A customizable hand orthosis made with 3D printing can redefine the future of hand rehabilitation. The winner of the special prize will be supported by a professional mentoring team of Vodafone employees and will assist in the implementation and further development of the project for six months.


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