This Diablo Immortal Player Has Come Up With Amazing Stuff Against Microtransactions!

A Diablo Immortal player is taking advantage of Blizzard’s currency exchange to get back at players who use a lot of real cash.



The past year hasn’t been kind to Blizzard Entertainment on the PR front, and the release of Diablo Immortal isn’t doing the company any favours either, thanks to expensive microtransactions that rival games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 or GTA Online. Players spend thousands of dollars to unlock the game’s legendary gems and upgrade their characters enough to make meaningful progress and stand a chance in battles against other players.

One player, however, is turning this system on its head thanks to his stockpile of World of Warcraft currency, which will be converted into generic Blizzard currency for use in the new game.

According to GamesRadar, the player mentioned above who uses up his World of Warcraft gold reserves in Immortal goes by the name Naecabon.

Naecabon talked about it in a lengthy Reddit post under the username daymeeuhn: he claims to have converted the roughly 600 million Warcraft gold he has collected into $50,000 worth of World of Warcraft tokens, which he can use in the MMO’s auction house and then submit to Blizzard’s Balance for $15.

Naecabon said that when they figured out how the conversion worked, they decided to build a “gold whale” character in Immortal to “dunk” all the “cash whale” players in PvP – that is, those who spend a lot of real currency on upgrading their Immortal characters.

According to Naecabon, this process has proven to be a massive success on their part, with their characters regularly defeating these “cash whales” with “frightening efficiency”. One such player, they say, is streamer jtisallbusiness, who claims to have spent roughly $100,000 on Immortal since the game’s release.

When a game is dubbed “pay-to-win” by the larger community, players typically try to find ways to game the system to spend as little money as possible.

Naecabon’s experience in Diablo Immortal is one such example, which since launch has been littered with stories of players spending over $10,000 to upgrade their characters just to be viable in PvP and endgame. Now that the system is being played out in this way is out in the open, the ball is in Blizzard’s court, and many are waiting to see if the company will address the trickery or make any meaningful changes to the conversion system.

Source: GamesRadar

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