Sonic Origins’ Dev Is Not Happy With SEGA And The Collection! [VIDEO]

Simon Thomley, Headcannon’s founder, is not happy with the state in which Sonic Origins has been released.


The four-game bundle has seen the original Sonic trilogy and Sonic CD removed from digital stores, and that’s not the only reason fans are unhappy. They don’t like that SEGA has essentially cut the games into DLCs to squeeze more money out of the public. Glitches are not in short supply either. There are two videos below: in one, the player would instead not do a special stage shortly after the start of the game, but after a restart, he would find himself much further ahead, near the end of the game, and in the second video, the boss fight would start, but misses the whole thing because of a bug, even though its animation is running in the background.

However, let’s quote what Thomley wrote on Twitter: “This is frustrating. I won’t lie and say that there weren’t issues in what we gave to SEGA, but what is in Origins is also not what we turned in. Integration introduced some wild bugs that conventional logic would have one believe were our responsibility – a lot of them aren’t. Regarding Origins, we were outsiders creating a separate project that was wrangled into something entirely different. We knew going in that there would be a significant time crunch, and we worked ourselves into the ground to meet it just so this would even be made and released.

Again, I can take responsibility for my and my team’s mistakes, and there were some. Some errors, some overlooking, some rush jobs, some stuff we noticed but weren’t allowed to correct near the end. It’s not perfect, and some of it is from us. It’s complicated. I’m incredibly proud of my team for their performance under such pressure, but every one of us is very unhappy about the state of Origins and even the Sonic 3 component. We weren’t thrilled about its pre-submission state either, but a lot was beyond our control.

We asked for significant fixes near submission but weren’t allowed due to submission and approval rules. We wondered about delays early and repeatedly but were told they weren’t possible. We offered to come back for post-release fixes and updates- we do not yet know if this is happening. We want these problems to be addressed. We provided a ton of feedback during and after development for Origins and its Sonic 3 integration. We’ve done a good chunk of work after our work term to fix things, support SEGA, and prepare for future updates.

I apologize for not addressing anything like this sooner. Still, you must understand – many things of this sort are considered “unprofessional” and can hurt our relationship with SEGA, meaning no Origins updates and no other 2D pixel Sonic games from us. Why am I talking about it now, then? Well, there’s just too much scrutiny over unrelated things, and I don’t want to sit back in silence while people ask why and how things happened to a product they put so much hope and money into. I hear you, Headcannon hears you. We wanted this to be right then and now. There’s so much that you’ll never know or understand within this kind of work, but know and understand this – we try our best to our detriment, and we care about our work and Sonic.”

Source: VG247

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